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Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge DEC 2013 
Solstice December 21 2013 17:11 GMT
(Please Allow for Daylight Savings) 
(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Sun12/1/20137:50 am4:03 pm11:56 am7:11 am4:41 pm
Mon12/2/20137:51 am4:02 pm11:56 am7:12 am4:41 pm
Tue12/3/20137:52 am4:02 pm11:57 am7:13 am4:40 pm
Wed12/4/20137:53 am4:01 pm11:57 am7:15 am4:40 pm
Thu12/5/20137:55 am4:01 pm11:58 am7:16 am4:40 pm
Fri12/6/20137:56 am4:00 pm11:58 am7:17 am4:39 pm
Sat12/7/20137:57 am4:00 pm11:59 am7:18 am4:39 pm
Sun12/8/20137:58 am4:00 pm11:59 am7:19 am4:39 pm
Mon12/9/20137:59 am4:00 pm11:59 am7:20 am4:39 pm
Tue12/10/20138:00 am4:00 pm12:00 pm7:21 am4:39 pm
Wed12/11/20138:01 am3:59 pm12:00 pm7:22 am4:39 pm
Thu12/12/20138:02 am3:59 pm12:01 pm7:23 am4:39 pm
Fri12/13/20138:03 am3:59 pm12:01 pm7:24 am4:39 pm
Sat12/14/20138:04 am4:00 pm12:02 pm7:24 am4:39 pm
Sun12/15/20138:05 am4:00 pm12:02 pm7:25 am4:39 pm
Mon12/16/20138:06 am4:00 pm12:03 pm7:26 am4:40 pm
Tue12/17/20138:06 am4:00 pm12:03 pm7:27 am4:40 pm
Wed12/18/20138:07 am4:01 pm12:04 pm7:27 am4:40 pm
Thu12/19/20138:08 am4:01 pm12:04 pm7:28 am4:41 pm
Fri12/20/20138:08 am4:01 pm12:05 pm7:28 am4:41 pm
Sat12/21/20138:09 am4:02 pm12:05 pm7:29 am4:42 pm
Sun12/22/20138:09 am4:02 pm12:06 pm7:29 am4:42 pm
Mon12/23/20138:09 am4:03 pm12:06 pm7:30 am4:43 pm
Tue12/24/20138:10 am4:04 pm12:07 pm7:30 am4:43 pm
Wed12/25/20138:10 am4:04 pm12:07 pm7:30 am4:44 pm
Thu12/26/20138:10 am4:05 pm12:08 pm7:31 am4:45 pm
Fri12/27/20138:11 am4:06 pm12:08 pm7:31 am4:45 pm
Sat12/28/20138:11 am4:07 pm12:09 pm7:31 am4:46 pm
Sun12/29/20138:11 am4:08 pm12:09 pm7:31 am4:47 pm
Mon12/30/20138:11 am4:09 pm12:10 pm7:31 am4:48 pm

Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge NOV 2013 
(Please Allow for Daylight Savings) 
(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Fri11/1/20137:01 am4:40 pm11:50 am6:26 am5:15 pm
Sat11/2/20137:02 am4:38 pm11:50 am6:28 am5:13 pm
Sun11/3/20137:04 am4:37 pm11:50 am6:29 am5:12 pm
Mon11/4/20137:06 am4:35 pm11:50 am6:31 am5:10 pm
Tue11/5/20137:08 am4:33 pm11:50 am6:32 am5:08 pm
Wed11/6/20137:09 am4:32 pm11:50 am6:34 am5:07 pm
Thu11/7/20137:11 am4:30 pm11:51 am6:36 am5:05 pm
Fri11/8/20137:13 am4:28 pm11:51 am6:37 am5:04 pm
Sat11/9/20137:15 am4:27 pm11:51 am6:39 am5:03 pm
Sun11/10/20137:16 am4:25 pm11:51 am6:40 am5:01 pm
Mon11/11/20137:18 am4:24 pm11:51 am6:42 am5:00 pm
Tue11/12/20137:20 am4:22 pm11:51 am6:44 am4:59 pm
Wed11/13/20137:21 am4:21 pm11:51 am6:45 am4:57 pm
Thu11/14/20137:23 am4:20 pm11:51 am6:47 am4:56 pm
Fri11/15/20137:25 am4:18 pm11:52 am6:48 am4:55 pm
Sat11/16/20137:27 am4:17 pm11:52 am6:50 am4:54 pm
Sun11/17/20137:28 am4:16 pm11:52 am6:51 am4:52 pm
Mon11/18/20137:30 am4:14 pm11:52 am6:53 am4:51 pm
Tue11/19/20137:31 am4:13 pm11:52 am6:54 am4:50 pm
Wed11/20/20137:33 am4:12 pm11:53 am6:56 am4:49 pm
Thu11/21/20137:35 am4:11 pm11:53 am6:57 am4:48 pm
Fri11/22/20137:36 am4:10 pm11:53 am6:59 am4:47 pm
Sat11/23/20137:38 am4:09 pm11:53 am7:00 am4:47 pm
Sun11/24/20137:39 am4:08 pm11:54 am7:02 am4:46 pm
Mon11/25/20137:41 am4:07 pm11:54 am7:03 am4:45 pm
Tue11/26/20137:42 am4:06 pm11:54 am7:04 am4:44 pm
Wed11/27/20137:44 am4:05 pm11:55 am7:06 am4:44 pm
Thu11/28/20137:45 am4:05 pm11:55 am7:07 am4:43 pm
Fri11/29/20137:47 am4:04 pm11:55 am7:08 am4:42 pm
Sat11/30/20137:48 am4:03 pm11:56 am7:10 am4:42 pm

Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge OCT 2013 
Sunday, 27 October 2013, 02:00:00 clocks are turned backward 1 hour to 
Sunday, 27 October 2013, 01:00:00 local standard time instead

(Please Allow for Daylight Savings) 
(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Tue10/1/20136:09 am5:44 pm11:56 am5:36 am6:17 pm
Wed10/2/20136:10 am5:42 pm11:56 am5:37 am6:15 pm
Thu10/3/20136:12 am5:39 pm11:56 am5:39 am6:12 pm
Fri10/4/20136:13 am5:37 pm11:55 am5:40 am6:10 pm
Sat10/5/20136:15 am5:35 pm11:55 am5:42 am6:08 pm
Sun10/6/20136:17 am5:33 pm11:55 am5:44 am6:06 pm
Mon10/7/20136:18 am5:31 pm11:54 am5:45 am6:04 pm
Tue10/8/20136:20 am5:28 pm11:54 am5:47 am6:01 pm
Wed10/9/20136:22 am5:26 pm11:54 am5:48 am5:59 pm
Thu10/10/20136:23 am5:24 pm11:54 am5:50 am5:57 pm
Fri10/11/20136:25 am5:22 pm11:53 am5:52 am5:55 pm
Sat10/12/20136:27 am5:20 pm11:53 am5:53 am5:53 pm
Sun10/13/20136:28 am5:18 pm11:53 am5:55 am5:51 pm
Mon10/14/20136:30 am5:15 pm11:53 am5:57 am5:49 pm
Tue10/15/20136:32 am5:13 pm11:52 am5:58 am5:47 pm
Wed10/16/20136:33 am5:11 pm11:52 am6:00 am5:45 pm
Thu10/17/20136:35 am5:09 pm11:52 am6:01 am5:43 pm
Fri10/18/20136:37 am5:07 pm11:52 am6:03 am5:41 pm
Sat10/19/20136:38 am5:05 pm11:52 am6:05 am5:39 pm
Sun10/20/20136:40 am5:03 pm11:51 am6:06 am5:37 pm
Mon10/21/20136:42 am5:01 pm11:51 am6:08 am5:35 pm
Tue10/22/20136:43 am4:59 pm11:51 am6:10 am5:33 pm
Wed10/23/20136:45 am4:57 pm11:51 am6:11 am5:31 pm
Thu10/24/20136:47 am4:55 pm11:51 am6:13 am5:29 pm
Fri10/25/20136:49 am4:53 pm11:51 am6:14 am5:27 pm
Sat10/26/20136:50 am4:51 pm11:51 am6:16 am5:25 pm
Sun10/27/20136:52 am4:49 pm11:51 am6:18 am5:24 pm
Mon10/28/20136:54 am4:47 pm11:51 am6:19 am5:22 pm
Tue10/29/20136:56 am4:45 pm11:50 am6:21 am5:20 pm
Wed10/30/20136:57 am4:44 pm11:50 am6:23 am5:18 pm

Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge Sept 2013 
Equinox September 22 2013 20:44 GMT

(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Sun9/1/20135:21 am6:52 pm12:07 pm4:47 am7:26 pm
Mon9/2/20135:23 am6:50 pm12:06 pm4:48 am7:24 pm
Tue9/3/20135:24 am6:48 pm12:06 pm4:50 am7:22 pm
Wed9/4/20135:26 am6:45 pm12:06 pm4:52 am7:19 pm
Thu9/5/20135:27 am6:43 pm12:05 pm4:53 am7:17 pm
Fri9/6/20135:29 am6:41 pm12:05 pm4:55 am7:15 pm
Sat9/7/20135:31 am6:39 pm12:05 pm4:57 am7:12 pm
Sun9/8/20135:32 am6:36 pm12:04 pm4:58 am7:10 pm
Mon9/9/20135:34 am6:34 pm12:04 pm5:00 am7:08 pm
Tue9/10/20135:35 am6:32 pm12:04 pm5:02 am7:05 pm
Wed9/11/20135:37 am6:30 pm12:03 pm5:03 am7:03 pm
Thu9/12/20135:38 am6:27 pm12:03 pm5:05 am7:01 pm
Fri9/13/20135:40 am6:25 pm12:02 pm5:07 am6:58 pm
Sat9/14/20135:42 am6:23 pm12:02 pm5:08 am6:56 pm
Sun9/15/20135:43 am6:20 pm12:02 pm5:10 am6:54 pm
Mon9/16/20135:45 am6:18 pm12:01 pm5:11 am6:51 pm
Tue9/17/20135:46 am6:16 pm12:01 pm5:13 am6:49 pm
Wed9/18/20135:48 am6:14 pm12:01 pm5:15 am6:47 pm
Thu9/19/20135:49 am6:11 pm12:00 pm5:16 am6:44 pm
Fri9/20/20135:51 am6:09 pm12:00 pm5:18 am6:42 pm
Sat9/21/20135:53 am6:07 pm12:00 pm5:20 am6:40 pm
Sun9/22/20135:54 am6:04 pm11:59 am5:21 am6:37 pm
Mon9/23/20135:56 am6:02 pm11:59 am5:23 am6:35 pm
Tue9/24/20135:57 am6:00 pm11:59 am5:24 am6:33 pm
Wed9/25/20135:59 am5:58 pm11:58 am5:26 am6:30 pm
Thu9/26/20136:01 am5:55 pm11:58 am5:28 am6:28 pm
Fri9/27/20136:02 am5:53 pm11:58 am5:29 am6:26 pm
Sat9/28/20136:04 am5:51 pm11:57 am5:31 am6:24 pm
Sun9/29/20136:05 am5:48 pm11:57 am5:32 am6:21 pm
Mon9/30/20136:07 am5:46 pm11:57 am5:34 am6:19 pm

Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge Aug 2013 

(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Thu8/1/20134:33 am7:53 pm12:13 pm3:53 am8:33 pm
Fri8/2/20134:34 am7:52 pm12:13 pm3:55 am8:31 pm
Sat8/3/20134:36 am7:50 pm12:13 pm3:57 am8:29 pm
Sun8/4/20134:38 am7:48 pm12:13 pm3:58 am8:27 pm
Mon8/5/20134:39 am7:46 pm12:13 pm4:00 am8:25 pm
Tue8/6/20134:41 am7:45 pm12:13 pm4:02 am8:23 pm
Wed8/7/20134:42 am7:43 pm12:12 pm4:04 am8:21 pm
Thu8/8/20134:44 am7:41 pm12:12 pm4:05 am8:19 pm
Fri8/9/20134:45 am7:39 pm12:12 pm4:07 am8:17 pm
Sat8/10/20134:47 am7:37 pm12:12 pm4:09 am8:15 pm
Sun8/11/20134:48 am7:36 pm12:12 pm4:11 am8:13 pm
Mon8/12/20134:50 am7:34 pm12:12 pm4:12 am8:11 pm
Tue8/13/20134:51 am7:32 pm12:12 pm4:14 am8:09 pm
Wed8/14/20134:53 am7:30 pm12:11 pm4:16 am8:07 pm
Thu8/15/20134:54 am7:28 pm12:11 pm4:18 am8:05 pm
Fri8/16/20134:56 am7:26 pm12:11 pm4:19 am8:03 pm
Sat8/17/20134:58 am7:24 pm12:11 pm4:21 am8:00 pm
Sun8/18/20134:59 am7:22 pm12:10 pm4:23 am7:58 pm
Mon8/19/20135:01 am7:20 pm12:10 pm4:24 am7:56 pm
Tue8/20/20135:02 am7:18 pm12:10 pm4:26 am7:54 pm
Wed8/21/20135:04 am7:16 pm12:10 pm4:28 am7:52 pm
Thu8/22/20135:05 am7:14 pm12:10 pm4:30 am7:49 pm
Fri8/23/20135:07 am7:11 pm12:09 pm4:31 am7:47 pm
Sat8/24/20135:09 am7:09 pm12:09 pm4:33 am7:45 pm
Sun8/25/20135:10 am7:07 pm12:09 pm4:35 am7:43 pm
Mon8/26/20135:12 am7:05 pm12:08 pm4:37 am7:40 pm
Tue8/27/20135:13 am7:03 pm12:08 pm4:38 am7:38 pm
Wed8/28/20135:15 am7:01 pm12:08 pm4:40 am7:36 pm
Thu8/29/20135:16 am6:59 pm12:08 pm4:42 am7:33 pm
Fri8/30/20135:18 am6:56 pm12:07 pm4:43 am7:31 pm

Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge July 2013 

(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Mon7/1/20133:56 am8:25 pm12:11 pm3:10 am9:12 pm
Tue7/2/20133:57 am8:25 pm12:11 pm3:11 am9:11 pm
Wed7/3/20133:58 am8:25 pm12:11 pm3:12 am9:11 pm
Thu7/4/20133:59 am8:24 pm12:11 pm3:13 am9:10 pm
Fri7/5/20133:59 am8:24 pm12:12 pm3:14 am9:09 pm
Sat7/6/20134:00 am8:23 pm12:12 pm3:15 am9:09 pm
Sun7/7/20134:01 am8:22 pm12:12 pm3:16 am9:08 pm
Mon7/8/20134:02 am8:22 pm12:12 pm3:17 am9:07 pm
Tue7/9/20134:03 am8:21 pm12:12 pm3:18 am9:06 pm
Wed7/10/20134:04 am8:20 pm12:12 pm3:19 am9:05 pm
Thu7/11/20134:05 am8:20 pm12:12 pm3:21 am9:04 pm
Fri7/12/20134:06 am8:19 pm12:13 pm3:22 am9:03 pm
Sat7/13/20134:07 am8:18 pm12:13 pm3:23 am9:02 pm
Sun7/14/20134:09 am8:17 pm12:13 pm3:25 am9:01 pm
Mon7/15/20134:10 am8:16 pm12:13 pm3:26 am9:00 pm
Tue7/16/20134:11 am8:15 pm12:13 pm3:27 am8:58 pm
Wed7/17/20134:12 am8:14 pm12:13 pm3:29 am8:57 pm
Thu7/18/20134:13 am8:13 pm12:13 pm3:30 am8:56 pm
Fri7/19/20134:15 am8:12 pm12:13 pm3:32 am8:54 pm
Sat7/20/20134:16 am8:10 pm12:13 pm3:33 am8:53 pm
Sun7/21/20134:17 am8:09 pm12:13 pm3:35 am8:52 pm
Mon7/22/20134:19 am8:08 pm12:13 pm3:37 am8:50 pm
Tue7/23/20134:20 am8:07 pm12:13 pm3:38 am8:48 pm
Wed7/24/20134:21 am8:05 pm12:13 pm3:40 am8:47 pm
Thu7/25/20134:23 am8:04 pm12:13 pm3:41 am8:45 pm
Fri7/26/20134:24 am8:02 pm12:13 pm3:43 am8:44 pm
Sat7/27/20134:26 am8:01 pm12:13 pm3:45 am8:42 pm
Sun7/28/20134:27 am7:59 pm12:13 pm3:46 am8:40 pm
Mon7/29/20134:29 am7:58 pm12:13 pm3:48 am8:38 pm
Tue7/30/20134:30 am7:56 pm12:13 pm3:50 am8:37 pm

Sunrise Sunset Times for Stonehenge June 2013 
At Stonehenge UK TIME 4.52 AM

SolsticesJune 21 2013 05:04 GMT

Other times please allow British summer time

(at zenith)
Civil DawnCivil Dusk
Sat6/1/20133:56 am8:13 pm12:05 pm3:11 am8:58 pm
Sun6/2/20133:55 am8:14 pm12:05 pm3:10 am8:59 pm
Mon6/3/20133:55 am8:15 pm12:05 pm3:10 am9:01 pm
Tue6/4/20133:54 am8:16 pm12:05 pm3:09 am9:02 pm
Wed6/5/20133:54 am8:17 pm12:05 pm3:08 am9:03 pm
Thu6/6/20133:53 am8:18 pm12:06 pm3:07 am9:04 pm
Fri6/7/20133:53 am8:19 pm12:06 pm3:07 am9:05 pm
Sat6/8/20133:52 am8:20 pm12:06 pm3:06 am9:06 pm
Sun6/9/20133:52 am8:21 pm12:06 pm3:06 am9:07 pm
Mon6/10/20133:51 am8:21 pm12:06 pm3:05 am9:08 pm
Tue6/11/20133:51 am8:22 pm12:07 pm3:05 am9:08 pm
Wed6/12/20133:51 am8:23 pm12:07 pm3:04 am9:09 pm
Thu6/13/20133:51 am8:23 pm12:07 pm3:04 am9:10 pm
Fri6/14/20133:51 am8:24 pm12:07 pm3:04 am9:10 pm
Sat6/15/20133:51 am8:24 pm12:07 pm3:04 am9:11 pm
Sun6/16/20133:51 am8:25 pm12:08 pm3:04 am9:12 pm
Mon6/17/20133:51 am8:25 pm12:08 pm3:04 am9:12 pm
Tue6/18/20133:51 am8:25 pm12:08 pm3:04 am9:12 pm
Wed6/19/20133:51 am8:26 pm12:08 pm3:04 am9:13 pm
Thu6/20/20133:51 am8:26 pm12:09 pm3:04 am9:13 pm
Fri6/21/20133:51 am8:26 pm12:09 pm3:04 am9:13 pm
Sat6/22/20133:52 am8:26 pm12:09 pm3:05 am9:13 pm
Sun6/23/20133:52 am8:26 pm12:09 pm3:05 am9:13 pm
Mon6/24/20133:52 am8:26 pm12:09 pm3:05 am9:13 pm
Tue6/25/20133:53 am8:26 pm12:10 pm3:06 am9:13 pm
Wed6/26/20133:53 am8:26 pm12:10 pm3:06 am9:13 pm
Thu6/27/20133:54 am8:26 pm12:10 pm3:07 am9:13 pm
Fri6/28/20133:54 am8:26 pm12:10 pm3:08 am9:13 pm
Sat6/29/20133:55 am8:26 pm12:10 pm3:08 am9:12 pm
Sun6/30/20133:56 am8:26 pm12:11 pm3:09 am9:12 pm