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Stonehenge Questions - Best tour?

We are often asked about the various options on combination tours that include other notable attractions or scenic areas and of these what is the best tour? In particular, tours that are departing from London.

The question is not that simple and requires a more detailed consideration regarding budget, time, time spent at a given attraction, travel time, the experience (Inner Circle access) and those who pack in as much as they can in a short UK visit.
As a summary, we look at each of these in turn.

Budget and Value Tours - Low-Cost Tours
Direct to Stonehenge tours from London (Victoria Coach Station)
Most of the tour operators will offer this as it includes transport, normally free wifi on the coach, entrance prepaid for at Stonehenge with an audio guide on location. Morning and Afternoon options are running seven days a week.
Verdict - A popular choice the morning option allows you to be back in London at around 2.00 PM or take a leisurely breakfast for the Afternoon visit.

Value/Lowcost Tours
These may appear at first glance to be appealing as they are at a lower cost. However, they do not include entrance fees. We do not recommend these. As an example, a recent observation by a visitor decided to buy a Roman Baths entrance and spent all the allotted time queuing to get in.

Combined Tours

The most popular and frequently selected tours you must remember that these will need an early start and there will be time spent on the coach between locations on tour.  Also, note that there will be a restricted time at each of the locations and for this reason, it may be better to select a combined tour that has fewer attraction visits. A good balance would be - 

In this category, we have those tours that combine elements of London with a visit to Stonehenge as examples - 
Summer season - Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge Tour

Full day combined tours.

You can expect these to be around 12 hours depending on traffic, with a reasonable amount of time spent on the coach in travel. They do pack a lot in on the day.

The experience - In this section we have those tours that will allow access to the inner circle of Stonehenge
A summary of which is listed here - 

Small group tours - You can expect the numbers traveling with you on the above-listed tours to be around 70 people
There are some tours that have a maximum of 16 people this is attractive to those who find too many people a distraction.

There are other tours that feature from time to time these will be featured on our main site 

Please Note: That there is some seasonality to the running of tours and not all may be available throughout the year - for example. Inner Access tours do not run for the Months of Oct and Nov. This is to allow for the ground to recover.