Wednesday 16 May 2012

A gathering of the Ancient Order of Druids at Stonehenge. 1905

Caption:A gathering of the Ancient Order of Druids at Stonehenge. Some of the participants are dressed in suits while others are in white robes with cowls, and the latter carry poles with half moon symbols. One of the sarsen outer stones has wooden props
Photographer:Henry TauntDate Taken:1905
Collection:Henry W Taunt
Henry William Taunt, 1842-1922, was an Oxford-based professional photographer. He photographed mainly in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the River Thames, though surrounding counties are also well represented. His subjects were mostly tourist views, though he also recorded architecture and social history. Around 1914 he bought up the photographic business of Frederick Ault. The whole of the combined NMR and Oxfordshire County Council collection of Taunt's photographs is available on Viewfinder.
Archive Holder:Centre for Oxfordshire Studies
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