Monday 18 June 2012

Avebury Summer Solstice 2012

Summer Solstice 2012 Avebury

Avebury standing stones © NTPL
Avebury at dawn - an unforgettable experience
The summer Solstice observance at Avebury is expected to be very busy and there will be limited car parking as a result. From Wednesday 20 June until mid-afternoon on Friday 22 June there will be a temporary campsite alongside the car park opening at 9am on Wednesday 20 June and closing at 2pm on Friday 22 June.
Limited tent space
There'll be less than one hundred tent spaces, allocated on a first come first served basis. They are expected to be in high demand. There'll be no camping available on the weekends either side of the Solstice.
We would advise anybody planning to come to celebrate the Solstice at Avebury to consider both finding accommodation in campsites nearby (listed below) and to consider visiting by public transport.
Safe celebrations
The main celebrations will take place on the evening of Wednesday 20 June and at sunrise on Thursday 21 June – approximately 5am.
The National Trust is part of the Avebury Solstice Planning Group and works closely with police, the local councils, residents, the fire brigade and other safety groups to ensure that this is a peaceful and safe event for those who wish to celebrate the Solstice here.
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