Tuesday 27 May 2014


Stonehenge is approximately 2½ miles (4 kms) from the town of Amesbury. The nearest bus and railway stations are in Salisbury, which is 12 miles (19 kms) away from Stonehenge.
As the roads around Stonehenge will be very busy, it is recommended that you leave your car at home and travel to Stonehenge by public transport.  The local bus company, Salisbury Reds, will be running a special service from Salisbury railway station and Stand U in New Canal, to a drop-off point near Stonehenge.  The buses will also stop at any recognised bus stop along the line of the route, which is via Amesbury.

Stonehenge by Bus

A bus service will run from Salisbury via Amesbury to Stonehenge Solstice Car Park.
The Salisbury Reds bus service is wheelchair accessible and will start at 18.30 hours (6.30pm) on Friday 20th June and run regularly until 01.15 hours (1.15am) on Saturday 21st June.  A service taking people back to Salisbury will start at 04.00 hours (4.00am) and run frequently until 09.45 hours (9.45am).  The collection point for the return service is in the same location as the drop-off point.
The walk to Stonehenge from the bus drop-off/collection point is 1½ miles (approximately 2½ kms) from Stonehenge itself - about a 25-30 minute walk and is through the Solstice Car Park and across National Trust down-land.  
For bus service information:

Stonehenge by Train

Trains run regularly to Salisbury from London, Bristol, Bath and Southampton and the local bus company, Salisbury Reds, will be running a special service, from Salisbury railway and bus stations to Stonehenge Solstice Car Park.
The buses will also stop at any recognised bus stop along the line of the route, which is via Amesbury.
For train information:
South West Trains
South West Trains
Tel: 0845 6000 650
First Great Western
First Great Western
Tel: 0845 7000 125
National Rail Enquiries
National Rail Enquiries
Tel: 0845 7484 950

Stonehenge by Car

A high volume of traffic is anticipated in the Stonehenge area on the evening of Friday 20th June. The Summer Solstice parking facilities at Stonehenge are finite and we do encourage people to use public transport where possible.
Although traffic, as you approach Stonehenge, may be slow, please do not be tempted to abandon your vehicle and park it either on the A303 or other neighbouring roads and public rights of way. Cars parked illegally or causing an obstruction will be towed away.
Please note that a number of road closures will be in operation to ensure safe access for pedestrians to Stonehenge and to allow access in the event of an emergency. 
As you approach Stonehenge, signage will be in place to direct you to the Solstice Car Park. 
Parking Facilities
The Solstice car park is located close to Airman’s Corner Roundabout just off the A303, (adjacent to the A344/A360 junction) and will be clearly sign-posted.  People will be able to walk to Stonehenge along a designated route which is a little over ½ a mile (approximately 1 km) – a 15-20 min walk.  This route is through National Trust down-land, so please wear sensible footwear. 
In order to ensure that there is sufficient space available for everyone in the Solstice car park, please park sensibly and only where directed by a steward or police officer.  This will help us make full use of the car park. 
There will be a designated area within the Solstice car park for motorbikes and a limited space for bicycles.  Do not chain or padlock your motorbike or bicycle to any of the gates – the gates are for use by the emergency services and any motorbikes or bicycles causing an obstruction will be removed.
For information on disabled parking and access, please see the Disabled Accesssection. 
Please note that absolutely NO camping or fires/BBQs are permitted in the Solstice car park as these activities can create a major safety risk. The stewards and security teams will be taking positive action to prevent them happening.
If you do decide to travel by car to Stonehenge, please ensure you nominate someone who will take responsibility for driving home.  Drink driving is illegal and tiredness can kill.


It is not advisable to bring cycles to Stonehenge as they cannot be easily accommodated. If you do cycle, please bring your own locking device and park your cycle in the designated areas. Just ask a steward at the Solstice car park entrance or at Stonehenge for assistance.