Monday 7 March 2016

Avebury - Places on Tours

Avebury is a world-famous stone circle and on-site museum at the heart of a prehistoric landscape of England in the county of Wiltshire.

At Avebury, the world's largest prehistoric stone circle partially encompasses a picturesque village. The millionaire archaeologist Alexander Keiller excavated at Avebury in the 1930s, The Museum at the site bears his name. Arranged in two parts, the Alexander Keiller Museum is divided into the Stables, displaying archaeological treasures from across the World Heritage Site, and the Barn, a 17th-century threshing barn housing interactive displays, with children's activities that reveal the story of this ancient landscape.

Avebury Manor, located on the edge of the village, was transformed as a result of a partnership between the National Trust and the BBC, creating a hands-on experience that celebrates and reflects the lives of the people who once lived There.