Friday 22 August 2014

Hatfield Earthworks (Marden Henge) | English Heritage

Hatfield Earthworks (Marden Henge) | English Heritage: "The Hatfield Earthworks are made primarily of a large, irregular-shaped henge enclosure, surrounded by a ditch and bordered in part by the River Avon.  Within this lies a second Neolithic Henge and a monumental mound. Built around 2400 BC, its purpose is believed to have been ceremonial, as with nearby Silbury Hill.  Subsequent excavations in 1807 show no evidence of burial, but later investigation in the late 1960s produced pottery, flint, animal bone and evidence of a round timber structure. Part of the enclosure is under English Heritage protection, and this part of the structure remains clear.  It also provides views of the Alton Barnes White Horse. Being only 10 miles from Stonehenge, a visit to Hatfield Earthworks is recommended. Please note: Dogs on leads are welcome."

Hatfield Earthworks (Marden Henge)