Saturday 21 April 2012

Conditions of Entry to Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2012

These Conditions of Entry are written to ensure enjoyment and public safety for everyone. Contravention of any of these conditions may result in entry being refused or your removal from Stonehenge. English Heritage reserves the right to refuse entry.

Stonehenge is seen by many as a sacred site - please respect it and please respect each other.


  • Admission to the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge is free of charge.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Please remember that you will not be allowed access to the Monument with the following items:
    - Large quantities of alcohol
    - Drugs
    - Large bags or rucksacks (or similar items)
    - Sleeping bags or duvets
    - Flaming torches, Chinese lanterns or candles
    - Dogs (with the exception of registered assistance dogs), pets or other creatures
    - Camping equipment, including foldaway chairs, garden furniture
    - BBQs or gas cylinders
    - Glass/bottles or other glass objects
    - Trolleys, wheel barrows or any other form of porterage
    - Pushchairs or buggies that are not exclusively used for a child


Glass is not allowed at the Monument as many people walk barefoot and, in addition, livestock and wildlife also graze in the area. If you bring any glass items with you, they will be confiscated.


Drunken, disorderly, and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated; ejection, possibly by the Police without return, will be the outcome.
Only small amounts of alcohol for personal use will be permitted on to site. Alcohol is limited to no more than the equivalent of four 500ml cans of beer/cider or 75cl of wine. No further alcohol will be permitted on subsequent re-entry. Be warned, drug/alcohol cocktails can be lethal, so please be fully of aware of what you are doing.


Illegal drugs are still illegal at Stonehenge as they are anywhere else. The police will be on site during the access period and will take immediate action against anyone breaking the law. Summer Solstice is not a good time to experiment with drugs - the crowd, the noise and the sheer size of the place are likely to make any bad reaction much, much worse. As much of the access is at night, if you had a bad reaction it may be difficult to locate you to administer treatment.


Stonehenge is a world renowned historic Monument and it is seen by many who attend as a sacred site. Amplified Music is inappropriate and will not be permitted.


Camping, fires, chinese lanterns, flaming torches, BBQs and fireworks are NOT permitted at Stonehenge, in the Solstice Car Park, or anywhere in the surrounding National Trust land. Please see Useful information for further details of local campsites.


Do not climb or stand on any of the stones - this includes the stones that have fallen. This is in the interest of personal safety, the protection of this special site and respect for those attending. As well as putting the stones themselves at risk, climbing on them can damage the delicate lichens.
In order to ensure personal safety, random searching may be undertaken, but we hope that self-policing and personal responsibility will prevail. Any items that might be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated.