Thursday 19 April 2012

Fire Garden Stonehenge- Salisbury International Arts Festival

Lighting up the skies over Wiltshire


 ee England’s oldest manmade relic in a whole new light. As day melts into night, the ancient and mystical Stonehenge will be transformed by another ancient phenomenon, fire. 
French fire-starting art troupe Compagnie Carabosse will create a truly unique visual experience known as the elemental Fire Garden with all sorts of mesmerising amber-hued sculptures bursting to life.
You’ll feel as if you have entered some sort of a glittering fairy tale or an immense pagan ceremony (without the sacrifices of course!) as this historic pocket of Wiltshire is lit up with great balls of fire, literally.
There’ll be a collection of weird and wonderful sphere-shaped contraptions bearing flaming fire pots, rows of candles illuminating the pathways and mysterious fiery installations illuminating the 2300 BC monoliths.
The wizards of the elements have been whizzing up fire-based theatrics since 1998 and create tailor-made events based on their surroundings, so get ready to soak up what promises to be a spectacular atmosphere.
Part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival and the London 2012 Festival, the fiery spectacular will run from 10 July to 12 July 2012 during the evening.