Saturday 21 April 2012

Parking at Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2012

The Solstice Car Park is located close to Airman's Cross just off the A303, (adjacent the A344/A360 junction) and will be clearly sign-posted. People will be able to walk to Stonehenge along a designated route which is a little over ½ a mile (approximately 1 km) - a 15-20 min walk. This route is through National Trust farmland, so please wear sensible footwear. Although the route will be partially lit you may wish to bring a small torch.
The Stonehenge visitor centre car park next to the Monument will be closed to the public for the Solstice access, as will the connecting road (A344).
If the weather and ground conditions are particularly poor large vehicles may need to be directed to a hard standing parking area.
In order to ensure that there is sufficient space available for everyone in the car park, please park sensibly and only where directed by a steward or police officer. This will help us make full use of the Solstice Car Park. Do not park on the A303 or other neighbouring roads and public rights of way. Cars parked illegally will be towed away by the Police.
There will be a designated area within the Solstice Car Park for motorbikes and bicycles. Do not chain or padlock your motorbike or bicycle to any of the gates - the gates are for use by the emergency services and any motorbikes or bicycles causing an obstruction will be removed.
Please note that absolutely NO camping or fires/BBQs are permitted in the Solstice Car Park as these activities can create a major safety risk. The stewards and security teams will be taking positive action to prevent them happening.
If you do decide to travel by car to Stonehenge, please ensure you nominate someone who will take responsibility for driving home. 'Drink driving' is illegal and 'tiredness can kill'.


There is a dedicated parking area in the Solstice Car Park for people with disabilities. Please ask the stewards as you enter the Solstice Car Park and you will be shown where to park.
There will also be a free bus service between the Solstice Car Park and Stonehenge for people who are wheelchair-bound, have mobility difficulties or are infirm. The bus will be available from 1900 hours (7pm) on Wednesday 20th June to 0830 hours (8.30am) on Thursday 21st June. If you wish to make use of this service, please speak to a steward as you enter the car park.
Wheelchair users, accompanied by one carer, will be given access to Stonehenge via the Visitor Centre entry point and the pedestrian walkway under the A344. This access route will be closed to the general public.
Wheelchairs will not be provided by English Heritage.