Saturday 9 July 2011

Full Day Tours Outside London comments and observations
Having reviewed comments and spoken to people who have gone on the tours outside London I can quickly summarise a few points to note.
The timings don’t suit everyone.
This can be from the fact that they were picked up very early from their hotel or insufficient/too long at a particular venue on route during the day.
It’s a matter of choice but if you intend to pack Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath in a single day you won’t be able to choose how long you stay at each location.
This does suit a lot of people because of budget/time constraints they get to see a lot in one day.
A note on budget/select/value (Tours)  These perhaps should be regarded as transport to the various venues as most won’t include entrance fees or the services of a Guide.
Stonehenge is magical but it’s in a field in the middle of Wiltshire!  Bad weather and Longish coach trip may make it feel less magical. People are different and some just marvel at seeing the Stones others say is that it? I can’t even touch them.

Contribution Veneficus Grant