Monday 4 July 2011

How to get to Stonehenge by Train

How to get to Stonehenge
There are times when people prefer to make an independent visit to Wiltshire and See Stonehenge, allowing them freedom in length of stay and what to see. Wiltshire is full of interesting Historical monuments and boasts some beautiful scenery.

Getting to Stonehenge by Rail, Train services
Nearest Train Station to Stonehenge  is Salisbury please be aware that this is about 9 Miles (14.5 Kilometres) away from Stonehenge. At Salisbury there are a number of ways to continue your visit to the Stone Circle Site and we will detail those shortly.  You might like to plan a visit to Salisbury as part of your Journey, Salisbury Cathedral is certainly worth a visit.
Planning you visit by Rail is best achieved by using  you may enter your nearest station and enter Salisbury as the destination Station. If you are travelling from London to Stonehenge the direct route will be From Main Waterloo Station. The Journey will take about 1 hour and  30  minutes. Services run every 30 minutes Mon-Sun. Waterloo is on Tube Lines, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern and a Short Service from Bank on the Waterloo and city Line. Tube Map

An alternative Main London Station to travel from is Paddington, this is not a direct route and will require 2 changes, one at Reading an one at Basingstoke.  The journey time takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. We have listed this as Paddington/Bayswater areas have numerous hotels in its vicinity of the Station.
Please note that rail fares vary considerably depending on the time of travel. We recommend that you enquire when cheap travel cards are available. Normally after 10 0clock AM and before 4.00PM and then after 7.00Pm. This does vary between train operators.
Salisbury to Stonehenge
 The following Taxi service has been reviewed and we recommend Value Car Taxis 01722 50 50 50
Bus with Old Sarum Bus Time Table
Please note that there are no local bus services from Wilts/Dorset bus Company.
Our recommendation is that travel from London is best served by one of the tour operators we have listed both for convenience and value for money.