Monday 11 July 2011


Brewed at OG 1048 and ABV 5.0%. A light golden, dry, strong ale, slightly fruity with a well balanced hop flavour and bitterness - simply a Top Class Beer which has won several major beer festivals 


Brewed Mar-Apr-May
Brewed at OG 1044 and ABV 4.6%. A light green, incredibly smooth and very drinkable beer, rich in both malt and hop aroma. Specially brewed for springtime (beer) lovers.


Cask Conditioned Lager
Brewed Jun-Jul
Traditionally brewed at OG 1044 and ABV 4.6%, fermented and "lagered" at low, controlled temperatures. Only the finest ingredients of malt, lager hops, lager yeast and brewing water are used. It is a very high quality beer without any brewing adjuncts at all. The result is a clean, crisp and refreshing Real Premium Lager with a nice bitter aftertaste that lingers on.