Monday 11 July 2011

Stonehenge Ales Brands 


At OG 1046 and ABV 4.8%, the beer is traditionally brewed using only the finest quality of water, barley and rye malts, whole hops and the brewery's own top-fermenting yeast. The colour is deep amber with a red hue derived from the Head Brewer's unique composition of ingredients. The taste is deliciously fruity and malty with a lingering bitter aftertaste.
This fine beer is brewed to celebrate the approval in November 2003 for the reintroduction of the Great Bustard bird onto the Salisbury Plain.
Great Bustard: an Award Winning Ale


Brewed at OG 1042 and ABV 4.3%. A crisp clean, refreshing bitter, deep amber in colour, well balanced with a fruity blackcurrant nose. Bitter flavour. Our brewer's recipe, which proves he certainly deserved his Brewer's Certificate.