Thursday 21 July 2011

Solving Stonehenge modern myths

Solving Stonehenge modern myths: "Stonehenge: the Modern Myth
Over 250 years of speculation have lead to the widely held belief that prehistoric spirituality was focused entirely on the theatre of the celestial dome, yet there is ample and more convincing evidence to show that there were other, no less important preoccupations in the minds of those who designed and built Stonehenge.

Is it really surprising that the finest work of prehistoric architecture in Europe was placed on the most important perceived alignment i.e. that of the midsummer-midwinter solstice? This single observation has dominated Stonehenge studies since it was first recognised that the entrance through the earthwork approximated to midsummer sunrise by the antiquarian William Stukeley in the early 18th century.

However the story of Stonehenge is contained in more than the visible structure, there are a host of buried details which reflect its protracted use and modifications. Explore every detail of Stonehenge - from the simple earth and timber structure built shortly after 3,000 BC, to the enigmatic Y and Z Holes created well over 1,000 years later."