Monday 11 July 2011

Stonehenge Ales Brands


Brewed Jun-Jul-Aug
Brewed at OG 1044 and ABV 4.5%. Eye-Opener is a beautiful golden, dry and smooth premium bitter with a hint of toffee, which compliments the citrusy and spicy flavours. A touch of magic and a hint of mystery is left on the palate.


Brewed at OG 1042 and ABV 4.3%. Like the cricketer's throw this beer is brewed to "hit" the body - not hard but softly and pleasantly. It will warm up your body with its unique and complex dark malt composition and it will leave your taste buds with a lingering bitter aftertaste.


Brewed Dec
Brewed at OG 1048 and ABV 5.0%. The dark amber colour and body derived from crystal malt combined with the Goldings aroma hops gives the beer just the right warmth and flavour - explicitly Santa's choice.


Brewed Jan-Feb
Brewed at OG 1048 and ABV 5.0%. A delightful, warming, dark porter type ale, with a roasted malt taste and a hint of liquorice surrounding a developing bitter flavour. Very appealing to the eye.